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William D King: Why these new suggested tax law changes could have huge effects on your yearly pay

The new US tax code has been finalized

As of January 1st, 2018, the US Tax code will change. These changes will affect nearly every facet of our lives, but this article specifically focuses on how they could affect yearly paychecks says, William D King. For example, if you make $30 an hour and work forty hours a week for fifty weeks (a total of 200 working days), your yearly pay would be $62,500. However, per the new tax code changes, if you work forty hours a week and earn $30 an hour and live in a state with no income tax (such as Florida or Texas), your yearly pay will amount to around $60,000—a loss of two thousand dollars.


The US government has finalized the tax code which was agreed upon earlier this month. This new tax code will affect every worker by lowering or raising yearly wages, depending on where they live and how much money they make. If you work 40 hours a week at $30 an hour, the new tax plan could affect your yearly pay by as much as $2000.

How cell phone addiction is changing our lives

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Smartphone screens have become a common sight over recent years Image caption:

 One study found that being glued to mobile can affect your social life


However, being glued to your phone for hours on end can have negative repercussions. For instance, some research has found that smartphone use can affect how sociable you are by reducing the amount of time spent on face-to-face interactions. Researchers surveyed 467 college undergraduates about their mobile phone and social media use over a two-week period, finding that more frequent checking led to less time spent with friends in person explains William D King.

Uber drivers think this is how much they’ll get paid at minimum wage

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 The source of the image is unknown Image caption: Many Uber drivers are protesting for higher hourly pay


However, many Uber drivers believe their wages are much lower. According to a survey by Harry Campbell, who runs a blog called “The Rideshare Guy”, around 75% of respondents earned less than minimum wage. This reflects an earlier study by Princeton University which found that half of all Uber drivers make less than $10 per hour—which amounts to below minimum wage in most states.

Apple is making big changes to your iPhone in 2018

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 Artwork representing an updated operating system for iPhones Image caption: The new iOS will also have a new function called “Do Not Disturb While Driving” that prevents notifications while driving


There are other updates that should improve your iPhone experience as well. For example, another feature being added is “Do Not Disturb While Driving”, which gets rid of alerts while driving—and can also send automatic replies if someone calls you or sends you a text message. This feature seems like a very helpful addition since it can help prevent accidents that may occur because you’re checking your phone while driving.

However, William D King says, despite the positive changes to iOS 12, there will be some negative consequences as well. According to research by an organization called Creative Strategies, many Apple users feel “forced” to update their phones’ operating systems for fear of older models becoming obsolete. In other words, when a new feature comes out on one version of the iPhone’s operating system, existing users are often eager to upgrade so they can take advantage of the new features too.

This is why I’m deleting Uber from my phone forever

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The article shows screenshots of news articles about Uber Image caption: It also shows a screenshot of Uber’s response


Although Uber didn’t mention the rape allegations, they did apologize for the incident. However, I feel that an apology is not enough so I no longer want to support Uber. After all, you are your only advocate in this world—so if you don’t stand up for yourself now, who will? There’s nothing wrong with demanding better treatment from people and platforms. That have caused us harm—and there’s also nothing wrong with boycotting something that has hurt you in any way. So although Uber gives me more options when traveling throughout London or New York City at night. It doesn’t mean I should stay loyal to a platform that continuously puts its user’s risk says, William D King. After all, users are the most important thing about any company. So using that as an excuse to not change is unacceptable.


Uber might have a history of being “sexist” and having drivers who are accused of rapes. But the company has done some positive things too. For example, they’ve recently invested $5 million towards preventing sexual assault. On their app through means of education, awareness, and prevention initiatives. Even though this new update helps fight against harassment. Uber still hasn’t addressed its other problems. Such as low pay rates or surge pricing during emergencies or bad weather conditions.