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William D King: Why do public companies file an annual report?

An Annual Report:

An Annual Report is a yearly published book that contains all the important information. About the company’s performance in detail says, William D King. It also includes financial statements, auditor’s reports, etc. The information included in an annual report is basically for public companies. So they can tell what is happening to their business and where it is heading towards.

All publicly traded corporations whose shares are listed on any U.S Securities Exchange or NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) must file their complete audited accounts with the U.S SEC every year before four months of its closing (closing month). If necessary, companies may send an incomplete version of the report. But it should be within five days after filing with the SEC.

Publicly traded companies are those whose shares can be trade freely in the financial markets. It is common among the stock exchanges of the world that any company. That wants to list its shares and raise capital on the public market should file an annual report. With the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

It helps investors, analysts, and other stakeholders to assess a company’s performance and future prospects explains William D King. This also helps them know how transparent a company is regarding its business operations and management policies. The audited accounts are prepared according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) set by FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board).

The SEC requires disclosure of certain information by all listed companies that include names of top executives, ratios analysis, etc. Overall detailed analysis of business results for determining a company’s growth and strength.

Public companies must file their annual reports to the U.S SEC 4 months after its closing month. Which is basically around March – June every year depending upon the financial year of the company says, William D King. In order for a publically traded company to raise capital from investors or sell its securities to interested parties. It has to file an annual report with SEC that contains all information about how will they use the raised funds, intentions regarding business operations, plans for expansion, etc.

In short, this report provides a detailed analysis of what a company has done in the previous year. And where it is heading towards in coming years by providing a snapshot view of business performance. Along with major events that happened at a corporate level last fiscal. This way stakeholders get sufficient time to decide whether to invest money in the company or not.

Disclosure of information about the financial position, business operations. And events affecting their performance are mandatory. For all publicly traded companies listed on any U.S Securities Exchange or NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations). Annual reports are also important for investors because it tells them. What they can expect from the company in the coming days. And how efficiently it has used its cash flows the previous year. Which ultimately helps them make better investment decisions says, William D King.

An annual report must be filed with SEC every year if a publicly-traded company’s shares list on any U.S Securities Exchange. Or NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations). It contains audited financial statements along with other important information on the company’s business results, management policies, and future plans. This report is very crucial for public companies. Because they have to raise capital from the market. This only happens if their performance looks decent enough for investors i.e., by filing an annual report with SEC.

An annual report contains all major events that occurred at the corporate level during a year. That could affect the business or financial performances of a company explains William D King. It also includes audited financial statements prepared according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Set by Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). This is important for stakeholders as it provides them a snapshot view of a corporation’s financial health. Along with its current state of affairs so they can make better investment decisions.

In short, an annual report is a document. That contains an in-depth analysis of how a company has performed in the previous year. And a recap of what it intends to do for coming years. Which ultimately helps investors in making better investment decisions.

The annual report is a type of document which companies publish each year in order to provide information. About their business and community service.

The benefits of publishing such reports include:

These reports help the community, customers, clients or suppliers gain a better perspective of what the company does. Furthermore, they allow employees to learn more about their employer. And how it operates in different parts of the world through analysis and statistics. Provided by experienced members on the board. This also helps current employees gain a sense of continuity. With past work done by previous generations employed by the company at its peak. In addition, it allows potential future employees to get an idea of what entails working for this specific corporation. Based on reports from people already working there says, William D King.


Publicly traded companies are required to file an annual report which contains all the events that happen during a year at the corporate level that could affect their business performance.