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William D King: What can Accountants contribute to society after their careers?

An accountant is a person in the United States, who is authorized to examine and certify financial records says, William D King. He/She helps people in creating organized money management systems. But what happens after their careers are over? This article will be discussing how accountants can contribute to society after they have retired

After retirement…

When an accountant has retired, he/she should not just sit around the house doing nothing. An accountant might have some spare time on his hands, but it’s important for him/her to do something productive and meaningful with that time.

Here are some suggestions of things an ex-accountant could do after retiring:

  • He/she could tutor students at schools like The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill through The Learning Center for Adults
  • He/she could volunteer to sit at a desk in a hospital and write letters for patients who can’t fill out forms on their own explains William D King. The patient would bring the letter to his/her doctor, and the doctor could use it as necessary.
  • He/she should contribute by doing tax-returns or giving accounting advice for free to less fortunate people taken advantage of by peoples who offer such services for money.
  • An accountant might not know this, but they contribute to society even while they work.
  • Accountants help doctors by doing their taxes for free. The tax-returns must be done properly so the doctors can get all of their tax-free payments.
  • This is something that helps people in need because if everything isn’t done correctly, the doctor will lose money, and he/she won’t be able to take care of his/her patients as effectively as he/she would be able to otherwise.
  • Another way accountants help people in need with their money is through a program called “The Big Sweep”. In this program accountants don’t volunteer time; instead they donate their own money says William D King. That’s right, these accountants pay that taxes they weren’t originally supposed to, giving some of their own money to the government. That money goes towards organizations like The World Wildlife Fund and other environmental groups. 

The charities don’t get the full amount of the tax return, but they do get some of it. This creates a great environment for people who need help because these accountants are contributing extra money to an organization that helps them. These programs can be found all over the world (www.thebigsweep.com).

  • Here is another way that an accountant contributes to society after his/her career:  Tax-Advice   An accountant’s main goal in life is usually figuring out how much someone owes on his/her taxes. Add that to the fact that most everyone does not like doing their taxes, and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t need help.
  • After an accountant retires, he/she should volunteer some of his/her time helping people with their taxes for free. He/She might just save some farmer thousands of dollars that year because he/she figured out what the farmer could write off on his taxes.
  • By helping students at various schools through The Learning Center for Adults, they would be making a difference in society as well. These students are trying to better themselves because they know that if they don’t have an education, they will never get anywhere in life. This means that the accountants’ contributions mean a lot more because those students can use their education to help society.
  • Sitting for hours at a desk in the hospital writing letters for patients that can’t do it themselves means that these patients get letters from loved ones while they are away from them says William D King. It might not seem like a big deal, but one small letter could mean a lot to someone who’s far away from home. The accountant does this by helping the patient write the letter and then mailing it out when he/she is done. This way, it gets there faster than if the patient himself/herself had tried to mail it. 

Some ways accountants can positively contribute to society after their careers:

1) Tutor students

2) Volunteer at hospitals

3) Donate money

4) tax-returns

5) write letters for patients

6) Do volunteer work in their spare time.

These are just a few examples of what an accountant might be able to do. In the future, accountants may have more opportunities to help people if they aren’t so busy with their careers.


An accountant should not just sit around after retiring; he/she should do something useful with that time explains William D King. The suggestions listed above are perfect ways an accountant can help society and keep himself busy and happy throughout life!

Contribute: To put something in, or to give something to someone else. It’s similar to “contribution” with the idea of giving money to a charity. Contributing means when you are putting things in, while contribution means when you are giving things out.   Tax-returns: Money that an accountant gives back to the government at the end of each year because he/she made too much money per year is called tax returns.  It’s also food for thought if you’re thinking about getting into accounting. A wise choice!