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William D King: The Five Most Famous Legal Battles of All Time (That You Should Know)

Law is a system of rules and guidelines that decide what is correct and incorrect explains William D King. These rules are enforced through a set of punishments and rewards with the aim of achieving justice. In some cases, however, these established laws can be broken. When that happens, legal battles begin as people argue for or against those accused of breaking the law.

In this article, we will present you with five famous legal battles from all over the world – battles that have become so well known they’ve become a part of popular culture.

Let’s take a look!

O. J. Simpson Murder Trial – 1994

The most famous American trial ever, it involved NFL legend OJ Simpson being accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman after a violent confrontation at Nicole Brown’s home in 1994. The country was divided on whether or not OJ was guilty and the case is still seen as a benchmark in American justice and law enforcement systems even though Simpson was found not guilty. The popularity of the trial has led to it being frequently used as a plot device in movies, music, and television series.

The Salem Witch Trials – 1692-1693

At the time of its occurrence, this legal battle between those accused of practicing witchcraft against those who saw them as heretics captured the attention of all New England towns with approximately 160 people accused of being witches over a period of less than 14 months beginning from February 1692 until May 1693 when public opinion shifted against prosecuting these individuals any longer. Nineteen men and women were hung as a result of the trials and one man was crushed under heavy stones for refusing to submit explains William D King.

The Dreyfus Affair – 1894-1906

This political scandal involving French artillery officer Alfred Dreyfus and his wrongful court martial and conviction on charges of treason propelled France into a very divisive period in its history with those for and against Dreyfus arguing their cases vehemently. It wasn’t until 1906 that Dreyfus finally received the pardon he deserved as evidence surfaced proving he had been unjustly charged with espionage. The aftermath saw approximately half of the 50,000 members of the French army resign as they refused to apologize for what happened during the trial.

Rush Limbaugh – 2003

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s addiction to OxyContin led to his arrest in 2003 after police found over 10,000 pills on him during a routine traffic stop. Limbaugh plead guilty and was ordered by the court to undergo addiction treatment with random drug tests for two years.

The Brexit Case – 2016

Perhaps one of the most recent legal battles is the Brexit case. Which occurred in July 2016 when UK citizens were asked to vote. On whether they wanted their country to remain or leave the European Union. The result produced 51.9% of voters wanting Britain out of Europe turning it into one of the worst political crises in British history as well as world affairs at large since the result brought about the resignation of Prime Minister Cameron who supported remaining part of Europe.

Well, there you have it – five of the most famous legal battles from all over the world. If you want to learn more about these historic events, be sure to check out some of our other articles on interesting topics related to law says William D King.


Q: What is the difference between a trial and an inquest?

A: An inquest happens when there has been a death, particularly one. That was cause by unnatural causes such as murder or suicide. A trial, however, deals with criminal cases where someone is charged of breaking the law.

Q: Can you be sued for slander without knowing it?

A: Yes, defamation includes not only written statements. But also spoken ones so even if you think your words about someone were meant as a joke. They can still sue you for what you said. It’s often hard to prove something isn’t true. Which is why people who sue for defamation tend to win their case more times than they lose them.

Q: What does it mean when courts say a case is closed?

A: This means that the case cannot be re-opened once it has been settled. This usually occurs when all appeals have been exhausting. And both parties involved are satisfied with the outcome of the case.


There are a lot of interesting legal battles out there and no shortage of people. Who have something to say about them says William D King. The hope is that this article gave you a general idea of what these cases were all about. The controversies they brought up, how they affected their respective countries. And why they’re still being talked about today.