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William D King: How do you manage accounts receivables and payables?

Some people believe that you should pay the debts when they are due. Others say you need to make sure your payment will be used wisely, and if possible, in your favor, before you Lenders usually take a look at the borrower’s capability to repay the loan before granting it. That is because lenders want their money back with extra benefits, of course, explains William D King.

It has been established that a lot of people seem to have no idea how financial institutions work from the inside out. In this case, we will try to simplify basic concepts so everyone can understand them easily. For instance: what do banks or other financial institutions do with all our hard-earned money? This article tries to answer exactly that question for all those who have ever wondered about these things.

We all want a good life, a roof over our heads, and a comfortable future for our children. One of the most efficient ways to achieve this is by saving money from each paycheck. But where does this money go? We have been often told that banks need it so they can invest it in something else. A depth investigation of the banking system reveals what really happens to our accounts’ balances, who benefits from them and how withdrawing your money helps you on an individual level as well as society on a large scale.

The banking system is held by private institutions that work for profit, need customers to stay in business explains William D King. On the other hand, banks are not charities. They have an obligation to their shareholders to maximize profits.

That being said, any financial institution has only two basic functions:

– To borrow money at lower rates than they lend them out

– To manage the savings of people looking for a secure investment

Now when you think about it, these are both great opportunities for everyone involved says, William D King. You can take advantage of much better interest rates when your bank borrows your money because the actual cost is substantially much less than what they charge you for lending it out. The key factor here is risk; the more likely one party will default on their payments (and not repay the money), the higher rate of interest that party will pay thus increasing profit for your bank.

Furthermore, banks and other financial institutions need our savings and invest them in all sorts of projects around the world. They can use our deposits to extend loans to businesses and individuals who wish to do something they couldn’t do otherwise e.g. buy a house or start a business. So, when you deposit your hard-earned cash into your account, it becomes part of an enormous pool that is used by many people for different purposes thanks to interest rates adjustments and all kinds of other sophisticated techniques employed by experienced bankers.

In conclusion:  

Our accounts’ balances become investments in future ideas, plans. And projects that we want to execute but don’t have enough money or resources for. By making our savings work for us, banks become a sort of financial institution. That helps make our dreams come true with their expertise and advanced technology at the same time as they make sure to turn a profit from these transactions by charging interest rates on borrowed funds. As you can see, it is beneficial for every party involved in this intriguing system: banks achieve great profits using depositors’ money while people who need funding get everything they need with no risks attached because responsibility is passed onto those who do the lending part.

You now understand what happens with your accounts’ balances both ways. This means you, got a valuable insight into how banking works explains William D King. With knowledge comes power; the more you know about this system, the better decisions you will make in your personal life. And when it comes to managing your money.

That concludes our article on banking systems. We hope we managed to answer one of life’s most intriguing questions. For anyone who has ever wondered what happens with their accounts’ balances both ways.

I like these ideas very much, but I want to add that not all investment organizations are able to use the funds of people. Some firms have a higher status than others and they can be trusted more. Because they have a good credit history among other institutions. If only every person would only trust his money in such reputable companies, then our world would be much improved.

William D King says there are so many people in this world that lack finances yet have an excellent business idea they want to develop. If only they could come across the necessary funds. Fortunately, all over the planet exist different types of organizations. That helps these individuals get everything they need by providing them with loans; basically investing in their project through the saving of many people who put their money together. And make a big enough pool to fund such ventures.