Since a long time, across the world, the dominating gender in business has been that of men. With men setting up an entrepreneurial world for their own likes, women stood on the sidelines.

Not anymore!

According to William D King, the role of women in the world of business is gaining importance more than ever, regardless of any geographical factor. While shattering the glass ceiling, women prove to be effective leaders in the world of business. They are smart learners and organized managers. Along with that, the rising awareness of women’s rights also facilitates their progress.

In short, the world is seeing a significant shift in how businesses are handled and by who, and that change proves to be a good one.

Women and Education

In older times, many reasons came together to suppress women from working, let alone owning a business. If anything, they earned money through gender-specified jobs such as teaching. For the most part, domestic affairs are what women handled.

One of the main reasons for such an environment is the lack of education, especially in low-income countries. With this lack of education came a lack of awareness, which kept women from getting the chance to access entrepreneurial opportunities, all because they did not even know such opportunities existed for them in the first place.

With advancing times, education became accessible. More women got to know about their place in the outside world, a place that many needed to be.

Shattering the Glass Ceiling as per William D King

With awareness came action. A greater number of women started investing their time and recourses in creating something of their own. Unfortunately, setting up a business venture in a male-dominated niche has never been easy.

According to William D King, there is a phenomenon that helps understand this issue. It is called the glass ceiling effect. This effect depicts the inability of women to gain authoritative positions in the corporate world—one of the most significant factors of it being an established patriarchal setup.

William D King states that it takes more time for women to create their due standing in a business. However, in recent times, more women have been stepping up to shatter this glass ceiling with a better work ethic, creative management, and greater awareness.

Women have been racing for the top and proving to belong there.

William D King‘s Take

Women make up around half of the world’s population. That means half of the world’s efficacy, as per William D King.

With advancing times, more women are stepping into the world of entrepreneurs. Although many such ventures revolve around their hobbies, others continue stepping into technical streams. Be it pharmaceuticals, engineering, or information technology, women around the globe are testing their boundaries. Boundaries that kept them away from setting up their own business venture. However, with rising awareness of their capabilities, they are taking their chances, proving how compatible they are with the corporate world with creativity, authoritativeness, and an amazing business sense.