A healthy relationship requires more than a few promises. It requires certain decisions. Decisions that help a couple move their relationship along in a way that satisfies both parties.

According to William D King, compromise is a key feature of a happy relationship. When two people come together, their personalities and choices come together too. Both of which can be different, and managing that difference effectively is what we refer to as compromise.

For many, the word remains synonymous to sacrifice, but the truth is far from it.

What is Compromise?

A compromise refers to a mutual agreement between two or more people that settles differences of any nature between them.

The main aim is to find a middle ground, as per William D King, and finding that ground does not mean sacrificing one’s own self, needs, and desires.

It means holding your own beliefs and values while letting the other person do the same. Through this, both meet in the middle, all while letting each other feel heard and understood.

As per William D King, Compromise Is Not One-Sided

One person can not do all the heavy lifting.

Everyone has their perspectives and needs. With one side giving up their ideas all the time, a balance and sense of being equals can not come about.

A compromise involves both parties giving something up to focus on something that is more important without either one of them feeling resentful. It’s essential to avoid resentment as a feeling as it can come up in a relationship, especially if one person picks up the slack all the time.

Focuses on Betterment

A compromise involves reaching a place of growth while having good intent towards your partner and relationship.

It allows a couple to make a decision that serves their interests as one entity. So, it is important to agree on good terms. While understanding the benefits that it comes with.

An unhealthy compromise reduces relationship satisfaction because it stems from manipulation. This focuses on the benefit of one partner alone. That is not what compromise is.

Maintains Personal Identity

A compromise helps both partners to maintain their values, as per William D King.

This establishes that both individuals are important, and their personal opinions and personalities are also important. It helps increase the respect that both people experience in a relationship.

Also, it leads to higher levels of relationship satisfaction, especially because both give in to the relationship together.

William D King Advises

According to William D King, a healthy compromise creates a healthy relationship. This is a key feature of increasing partner satisfaction.

The option to compromise should always be on the table. It is only fair for both individuals to bring something to a situation, especially those that cannot be avoided.

As long as both parties are happy, a compromise works well as it should.