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William D King: Do working night shifts affect your health in the long term?

They say the early bird gets the worm, but it also appears that those who choose to shun late nights and be just a little more conscientious about their health might actually live longer. William D King says working night shifts may cause long-term ill effects on one’s health and could lead to an increased risk of cancer and heart disease.

My opinion:

If you want to work with me at my company I will let you know if your health would allow it or not. When I hire someone they must pass a physical test which consists of measuring their height, weight, calculating BMI (Body Mass Index), taking their pulse rate, blood pressure, and listening to their heartbeat via stethoscope. After that, we do some simple tests like bending over and touching toes, putting arms above head, etc. If the person would pass these tests it means that his/her health is good enough to work night shifts in general. The company I work for also does blood screens every 2-3 years which test for cholesterol, liver, kidneys, thyroid gland, etc. After someone passes all of this he/she can be sure that their health will not get worse over time when working night shifts.


1) Work at night allows me to spend more time with my family during the day

2) No need to cut down on sleep or be tired after work because I am working at night;

3) Working at night frees up daytime for other activities like eating out with friends, studying and spending time with family, etc.


1) Loss of sleep can increase fatigue at work and make it hard to concentrate

2) Working the night shift means I have to see a doctor more often because my body clock is all messed up

3) Might cause social or family problems because you will spend less time with them

4) Might cause stress and other mental health issues if you don’t manage your time well

5) No matter how much money you earn working night shifts, it is not worth it in the long term because your health deteriorates over time

6) You might get physically sick from lack of sleep or poor dietary habits

7) The only advantage people find really appealing about working night shifts is that they allow you to be more available for the family during the day.

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It can be a challenge to work night shifts, but if you have the determination and willpower to get through it, you’ll come out better off in the long run says William D King. If your health allows it, working the night shift is not as bad as people make it seem. It’s all about how you manage your time and future goals. Since I am a very busy person working during the day for 10-12 hour days on average, I enjoy having more free time at night that I can use to do things with family or friends while everybody else is asleep or going to sleep.

Working nights has its perks but at some point, it becomes less appealing when looking ahead at a lifetime of doing this kind of work because of course, it gets harder and harder to do things during the day when you are getting older. Even though I don’t really like working nights, I would not call it a disadvantage even if someone else made me work at night for very little money because, to be honest, no matter how much money someone pays me I will never see it as an advantage. Health is everything that matters in life.

Working the night shift can affect your health in the long term! If you want to be healthy in old age choose what shift you want to work wisely.