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William D King : Why Your Start-Up May Fail

Starting a business is very exciting. You are optimistic and imagine about all the ways you can improve and enhance your startup. Yet, the number of failed startups is a lot higher than the ones that find success. But why is it so?                                                                                    This is because starting a business can be a lot harder than you think. There is a low chance that any business is so in sync with the niche it is targeting that it takes off immediately. It can be difficult to point out why a particular startup has failed. There are a million factors that go into making or breaking a business. However, there are some common mistakes that most people make when launching a startup. According to William D King, being aware of these mistakes can prevent you from a potential loss. 1.Poor Market Research The most important thing you need to keep your business afloat is customers. If there’s insufficient demand for the product or service that you offer, there are low chances that your business will take off. This is where market research comes in. Most failed startups are a result of poor market research. It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about the product. If there aren’t enough consumers, you will struggle to keep your business afloat, no matter how great the quality of your product… Read More »William D King : Why Your Start-Up May Fail

William D King : How to Become a Magazine Contributor

William D King says that the key to becoming a magazine contributor is persistence. Well, it’s not as simple as that, but at least, it’s a start. There’s a lot of schmoozing involved, and it all begins with the editor. While browsing online or scrolling on your social media, you will come across plenty of magazine post ads looking for regular freelance contributors. In order to apply, you need to come up with a creative idea that will wow the editor. Your resume is not one of those standard documents listing your accomplishments and your education information. It lists down what type of content you are an expert in. It also includes stories that allow the editor to judge you based on your grammar, vocabulary, writing tone and style. Your writing should demonstrate that you are capable of addressing the needs of the audience and that too consistently with quality work. Here are some tips on how to secure a spot in a magazine as a contributor: Start Small This isn’t a go big or go home kind of situation. Getting a permanent job as a magazine contributor can be time-consuming and very hectic if you run your own blog too. So, we suggest that you start small by approaching local magazines and sharing your work with them. Many magazines welcome new writers with open… Read More »William D King : How to Become a Magazine Contributor

William D King: How Green Practices Make Your Business Stand Out in the Crowd

With pandemic changing over much of our lifestyle choices, industries across the globe are shifting towards sustainable and eco-friendly approaches in their business. According to William D King Green Marketing Practices have turned out to be a great initiative that will help conserve the environment, natural resources and build trust in the customer that the industries prioritize Mother Nature’s well-being, consequently winning them as loyal customers! If you want to adopt Greener Practices in your Business that will make it stand out, read through to find out how? 1. Set an Impactful Ambition for Green Business Marketing Come up with an authentic vision of your company to safeguard the Environment from the catastrophic impact of waste products and misuse of natural resources. It can be crucial, as there’s a narrow margin to become a Business Statement rather than becoming the Protector of Nature.   To demonstrate your true intentions for the well-being of the Environment, reevaluate your organization as an ecological and social obligation and show clients that you care about our planet. 2. Make Sustainability Your Business Identity Making your business logo GREEN doesn’t help here! For a credible eco-friendly business identity, the foundation of your marketing strategies should be laid upon the well-being of the Environment. For instance, eliminate the use of plastics and non-biodegradable items in your Business. Or Revamp your product packaging… Read More »William D King: How Green Practices Make Your Business Stand Out in the Crowd

William D King- The Proposed Tax Changes by Biden – William D King Discusses About the Implications

The investors are slightly concerned about President Biden’s plans about the additional tax revenue says William D King. According to experts, such concerns usually focus mostly on a few aspects of the proposal by the president. In this article, we will take a look at these aspects and delve into the possible implications that are applicable for the investors. President Biden has proposed removing the step-up provision that was present for a century that enables a reset of gains at the death of every owner, enabling the aversion of every tax on the gains for any unsold property. It will be difficult to sell to Congress. The Step-Up in basis – Insights by William D King Removing the rule of step-up is a challenging political battle. However, here the practical situations might be crucial instead of political ones. And by proving what got paid decades back for the property of which there might zero records for the IRS or the inheritors, can result in fabrication or speculation about the historical data that neither the recipient nor the IRS can bolster. Also, the IRS will be vulnerable in moving in favor of the investors that might be forced to fabricate historical data, which is immune to the repudiation from the IRS. It’s always best not to walk that path. Capital Gains The other proposal by President… Read More »William D King- The Proposed Tax Changes by Biden – William D King Discusses About the Implications

The Three Crucial Changes for the Tax Season 2022 – Relevant Insights by William D King

Multiple tax law changes in 2021 will impact the majority of Americans in the upcoming tax season says William D King. The extended child tax credit payments can impact several families and their tax refunds. Also, for 90% of Americans who are claiming the usual deduction, they will witness a minor but positive change. However, the IRS is yet to declare the official start date for the 2022 tax season. It generally starts accepting the tax returns towards the end of January. William D King highlights the things to know about the tax changes The monthly payments for the child tax credit can decrease or increase the refund It’s the first time in history that the IRS had sent child tax credit as its monthly payment to families that qualified for it. Based on the amount for the monthly child tax credit payments obtained in 2021, you can get a higher tax refund, get a reduced refund as anticipated or even get indebted to extra taxes. In case you got monthly payments for child tax credit payments, you should report the amount on the 2021 tax return. You must get the Letter 6419, that will declare the overall payment for the child tax credit that you got. According to the IRS you need to compare the amount with the overall child tax credit you are… Read More »The Three Crucial Changes for the Tax Season 2022 – Relevant Insights by William D King

It is Essential to Understand Probable Tax Law Changes – William D King Shares His Views

The Congress has been preoccupied in this legislative year. A priority item here has been the changes to the present tax code says William D King. And such probable changes arrive along with other expenditure packages that got passed down, comprising the American Rescue Plan, offering COVID-19 relief finds to the Americans, and the infrastructure package passed recently. Also, over the passage of the year, President Biden and other Congress members have placed in-depth proposals. If that gets placed together, it can lead to crucial modifications in the tax code. President Biden put forward a scaled back, “Build Back Better” framework. And the Congressional leadership also released the H.R.5376, a “Build Back Better” Act, to back up the new framework by President Biden. It includes $1.75 trillion proposed spending for the environmental and social programs. Also, it had $2 trillion in revenue offsets as new taxes. Here the spending proposals equal about half of the amount outline in President Biden’s initial American Families plan and the Means Committee and House Ways tax package that got release back on September 13th. William D King explains the Build Back Better Act Simply put, the “Build Back Better” Act got its sanction on November 19th from the House. However, there is a vote still pending in the United States Senate for approving the House bill, even though a… Read More »It is Essential to Understand Probable Tax Law Changes – William D King Shares His Views

The Changes in the Income Tax Law – William D King Discusses All That the Advisors Should Know

The Means Committee and the House Ways released 881 pages of the proposed bill which would make almost any change to the gift taxes, income and the estate says William D King. It is essential to know about the proposed changes in the income tax. It is interesting to see the changes that will get made to the bill before it can cater to most of the US Senators. In this article we will discuss about some of the crucial tax changes and also about things to do and not to do. And with the Senate getting involved, each of the proposals can change. However, it’s not worthwhile to anticipate anything that is not taxpayer savvy than what the bill stands for currently. The rate bracket adjustments and increase in the income tax rate –Insights by William D King One of the most talked-about aspects is the income tax rates, which brings individual tax rates to about 39.6% for the average income. And this new rate is applicable for the married people who file it jointly for the taxable earnings of $450,000 to the household heads having a taxable earning of more than $425,000 to the unmarried individuals with the taxable earning more than $400,000 and to the married people filing individual returns with a taxable earning more than $225,000. It also comprises of the… Read More »The Changes in the Income Tax Law – William D King Discusses All That the Advisors Should Know

How Should You Get Prepared for the Massive Tax Changes? Insights by William D King

A while back, the House declared the “Build Back Better Act” that followed the intended changes in tax law by Van Hollen and Senators Sanders. However, the Act isn’t final. And each has varied proposals explains William D King. All that is evident is that any of the proposals, when enacted, might have a heavy impact not only on the future plans but also on the current plans that involve annual gifts and trusts. Even though a few of the proposals were imposed, Van Hollen and a few others suggested that the changes should be implemented soon. It’s essential to act fast when the legislation passes to execute the plans and untie current plans that possess adverse tax outcomes. Also, for the estate planners, one can’t wait until the proposals get finalized, which might be very late. To explain in simple words, it’s best to ensure that the clients get prepared for every potential change and have their plans in hand to manage the changes. William D King mentions the probable changes and its impact on estate planning Decline in Estate and the Gift Tax Credit–The transient gift tax credit and the unified Estate, equal to $11.7 million, will revert in 2026 to its earlier credit amount, which got managed for inflation, at $6 million. It’s said that the proposals will drop it to $6… Read More »How Should You Get Prepared for the Massive Tax Changes? Insights by William D King

William D King- The Struggle between a Hacker and a Cracker

Steven Levy wrote the best book about computer security ever written (he also wrote “Hackers”) explains William D King. The title of that book is “Crypto” and it was published in 2001, not coincidentally around the time when the whole crypto struggle was finally reaching critical mass. People generally regard this as a happy coincidence because crypto had become relevant for everyone at last. Lots of people already knew about crypto stuff but since the terrorist attack on New York City in 2001 there were suddenly enough politicians who cared to put some pressure onto technology companies to do something about cryptography, or rather to limit the use of cryptography. That’s how we got into this mess. Cryptography has always been an arms race between cryptographers and cryptanalysts/hackers/crackers. A cryptanalyst tries to break a cipher. The best way to do that is to find some weakness, which often comes down to finding the right algorithm or the right key size. “Weak” does not always mean “easy”. Sometimes it can be abused at first sight with completely mathematical means and require the assistance of NSA supercomputers for instance. Some ciphers are weak against certain types of attacks but strong against others (e.g., ECC vs side channel). Here is the Struggle between a Hacker and a Cracker: Of course as soon as someone has found a new… Read More »William D King- The Struggle between a Hacker and a Cracker

William D King: The Five Most Famous Legal Battles of All Time (That You Should Know)

Law is a system of rules and guidelines that decide what is correct and incorrect explains William D King. These rules are enforced through a set of punishments and rewards with the aim of achieving justice. In some cases, however, these established laws can be broken. When that happens, legal battles begin as people argue for or against those accused of breaking the law. In this article, we will present you with five famous legal battles from all over the world – battles that have become so well known they’ve become a part of popular culture. Let’s take a look! O. J. Simpson Murder Trial – 1994 The most famous American trial ever, it involved NFL legend OJ Simpson being accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman after a violent confrontation at Nicole Brown’s home in 1994. The country was divided on whether or not OJ was guilty and the case is still seen as a benchmark in American justice and law enforcement systems even though Simpson was found not guilty. The popularity of the trial has led to it being frequently used as a plot device in movies, music, and television series. The Salem Witch Trials – 1692-1693 At the time of its occurrence, this legal battle between those accused of practicing witchcraft against those who saw them as… Read More »William D King: The Five Most Famous Legal Battles of All Time (That You Should Know)