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William D King- In Defense of Study Groups in Law School

If you pay attention to the internet, you might be under the impression that “study groups” in law school are a terrible idea says William D King. Let me take a step back and explain why we actually think they work really well at my (and many other) schools: First and foremost, study groups help students connect with one another and form friendships early on. This is especially crucial because those connections become very important as 1Ls progress through their first year of law school. The connections formed during this time will be instrumental throughout the rest of your legal studies (both as a student and as an attorney). So it’s particularly helpful for students to make lasting relationships from day one. Secondly, study groups give you an incentive/reason to do more than just attend class or do assigned readings. For example, every Monday at 6 PM I am probably either in my apartment studying with several of my friends, studying by myself while waiting for them to finish whatever they’re doing, or in somebody’s room playing Risk/something similar. Third, study groups actually help you learn the material better. This is especially true when combined with in-class participation (although I think in-class participation is only useful if done correctly). If you show up unprepared for class because you were too busy working on your own… Read More »William D King- In Defense of Study Groups in Law School