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William D King: 3 Ways to Maximize the ROI through Intentional Networking

How to increase ROI is a subject that is on the mind of every entrepreneur and business person. Learning how to maximize ROI leads to more profitability and efficiency in your business.Before we go in-depth about the ways stated by William D King to maximize ROI with intentional networking, we will learn what intentional networking is.

What is intentional networking?

In accordance to William D King, Intentional networking is socializing or connecting with people with some purpose. It allows you to gain information about them and adds to your database. It also helps in forming mutually beneficial relationships for your business.

Hozdovic’s antidote helps with deliberate networking and spreading the time thinly.

Learn to maximize ROI with Intentional Marketing by doing the following things:

Get Your Level Up

It would help if you leveled up your social circle. Some people will entice you to quit, scare you from succeeding, or persuade you to fall into your old bad habits. Hang out around people who bring out the best version instead of bringing you down says William D King.

If you are an entrepreneur trying to scale up, you will always have friends telling you that you are wasting your money; there will be family members who will be forcing you to get a “real job.” Identify the people who make you relapse, then avoid them as much as possible.

Learn to Say No

It would be best if you learned the importance of time. The clock is always ticking, and you need to stay ahead of it. When you start with a job or are at the initial stages of business, you give your time for money. Instead of that, focus on buying time with cash now. Get assistants, outsource services or assign people to do tasks by paying them. Utilize that time to strategize and make more money.

Learn to turn down the invitations, ignore the draining calls and extricate yourself from dull conversations.

Always Have Something To Give

The aura that you should possess is that of a giver. Never give out the vibes of a person who wants to take. It doesn’t just have to be monetary; it can be done with your futuristic insights, a high level of emotional intelligence that you portray, or the impressive style with which you speak says William D King.

Keep these tricks up your sleeves and stand out in the circle. If your circle is right, learn to treat them right.

Bring high energy when you stride up in the room, do favors, and be non-judgemental. It will all come back to you one fine day.


Learn to utilize time to the best of your abilities and form relationships that are beneficial and help you to succeed. Don’t drain yourself through small things and be a better version of yourself day by day. This will help you reach your goals and maximize your revenue in the long run.