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How OTT Advertising Helps Businesses

William D King

With technology and advertising both evolving, a novel form of advertising that is gaining ground is over-the-top (OTT) advertising. As opposed to traditional advertising, OTT advertising enables you to target your audience more specifically. According to William D king of ABA Advisors, employing OTT advertising can help you reach more consumers and boost your bottom line. We’ll talk about the advantages of employing OTT advertising in this article.

Top Advantages of Advertising on Digital Streaming Platforms

Greater Reach

Compared to traditional television advertising, OTT advertising offers a more varied and extensive reach. With 64% of American homes no longer viewing cable TV, OTT streaming services are gradually replacing it as the preferred option for audiences.

Through this change, advertisers will be able to connect with a lot of people who aren’t often exposed to television advertising. It is simple to target particular audiences because of the variety of content available on platforms like Hulu and YouTube, which cater to a wide range of interests.

OTT platforms also offer comprehensive viewer data, enabling advertisers to fine-tune their campaigns for optimum impact. OTT advertising will play a bigger role in every marketing strategy as the proportion of cord-cutters rises.

Strong Analytics Are the Biggest Advantage in Today’s Competitive Market

Another advantage of OTT advertising is that it provides strong analytics, giving marketers access to information they can use to track the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time. To assess OTT ad performance, OTT also offers the option to A/B test all advertisements.

You may assess impressions, views, and video completion rates with OTT analytics. According to William D king, all of these data pieces allow OTT advertisers to make prompt decisions that enhance campaign effectiveness and ROI.

A Comfortable User Experience

Streaming services have been extremely popular in recent years due to their convenience. People don’t have to wait for a show to air to watch videos because they can do so on demand. They can watch whatever they want, whenever they want, thanks to this.

Additionally, streaming providers provide a vast selection of movies and other video content in addition to regular television shows. For their entertainment requirements, Americans are increasingly turning to stream services.

William D king quotes that 69% of Americans have a streaming service subscription. The world of advertising is being significantly impacted by the growth of streaming services. Companies are using OTT advertising more and more since it enables them to target viewers with adverts based on their watching preferences.

Users are more likely to view advertisements for goods and services in which they are truly interested as a result, improving the user experience. OTT advertising is increasingly important in many businesses marketing strategies.

Actionable Calls-to-Action

OTT advertising is increasingly using clickable calls to action. This kind of advertisement allows viewers to interact with it directly by clicking on to a landing page or even making a purchase.

As William D king states, this is a major benefit for brands because it makes it easier for them to track the effectiveness of their advertisements and increase conversion rates. Additionally, clickable calls to action make it simpler for viewers to respond to an advertisement, which can increase engagement and brand recognition.


Over-the-top (OTT) advertising is becoming more and more popular as more companies learn about its advantages. With OTT, you can spread your marketing message to a wide audience, and it works particularly well to attract millennials. William D king highlights that OTT advertising is a new strategy you should think about adopting to reach your target audience.