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Going back to school with new normal – Here are some tips by William D King

The transition of moving from home-schooling to back normalcy is hard for both children and families says WILLIAM D KING. However, reopening is one step to positivity, but the number of uncertainties and fears it brings makes it impossible to leap. 

Although many early ages care and educational programs were open even during a pandemic. But of many the families, it was an absolute lockdown. It is excellent that gradually business is opening and bringing the new regular back. For schools, parents, children, and caregivers – it is going to be a challenging phase. Let’s explore the simple ways you can make this transition a smooth and stress-free one.

Simple tips by William D King

It might be overwhelming for the parents with many uncertainties, but children must attend school and have a regular life. The school staff and administration must welcome the children with all the possible arrangements to instill assurance amongst the families and caregivers. And this is only possible if all work as a team.

  • Offer virtual connections to the parents like video calls and phone meetings. Virtual interaction would give them confidence of the new normal, and they would feel secure about their children. 
  • Keep the parents in-loop while sharing the various programs, the measures taken to make the school environment covid safe. Frequent communication adds assurance in the families, and they can train the children before sending them back.
  • Provide walk-through of the entire school premises that details the facilities and changes for children coming in. Like, placement of sanitizers, more hand washing booths, single entry and exit point for school pick-up and drop-off. 
  • Allow only fully vaccinated visitors and staff in the school. Encourage everyone to cover their face with suitable masks. Hold programs and conferences with single household and fully vaccinated staff members.
  • Make small changes in the school, like adding more water stations for kids, spacing out the seating arrangements in the classroom and auditorium. Better ventilation of every school, reading area, laboratories, and even toilets are also few additions.
  • Offer to hold in-person meetings in open spaces of the school like playgrounds or green areas. Give full assurance to the families that they are safe to meet in open areas as it disperses the possibility of a virus.
  • William D King also emphasizes creating a timetable for the children. The schedule doesn’t include the learning routine; instead, it’s the structure to follow once they enter the school campus.
  • Share more information about the impact of the new arrangement on the children. Be more communicative with the families. 
  • Keep reminding the children about the importance of handwashing and social distancing. However, it is very challenging to make the kids follow the social distancing but, every school is coming up with unique ideas.


As a school staff, you must remember that children are returning after several months, and it is normal to experience behavioral and emotional changes. Enjoy the new normal and send your kids back to school! Ensure that additional counseling and psychological support extension is for all the children.