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William D King ON Social Media Marketing in 2021: A Look at the Biggest Trends So Far

In 2021, social media will be more important than ever for businesses says, William D King. Here are some of the biggest trends so far: 1. Increased use of video content. Video content is becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms. For businesses, this provides an opportunity to share engaging, interactive content that can help to capture the attention of potential customers. Additionally, video content can be a powerful tool for marketing purposes, as it can help to generate leads and drive conversions. 2. The rise of live streaming. Live streaming is another trend that is gaining traction on social media. This type of content allows businesses to connect with their audiences in real-time, providing a more interactive experience that can help to build relationships with customers. This is particularly useful for businesses targeting millennial audiences, who tend to be early adopters of new technologies. 3. The use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Both AR and VR are set to gain increased traction among social media users in the coming years, which will likely increase interest in corresponding marketing techniques says William D King. Businesses that develop strong strategies around these emerging mediums could see increased engagement with their brands on social media, leading to better brand recognition and more sales opportunities. 4. Improved targeting capabilities on the Facebook advertising platform. Facebook… Read More »William D King ON Social Media Marketing in 2021: A Look at the Biggest Trends So Far

William D King: How do you manage accounts receivable and payables?

In most cases, you can use a full cycle double-entry bookkeeping system to meet the management of accounts receivable and payable says, William D King. Here is my understanding of how this works: Start with recording transactions in account AR for any invoices you receive from customers, then record the payment made by cash or check in account CP (or checking account) for all bills paid. The goal is to keep the total balance of both accounts close enough to zero throughout a month period – they will never be exactly equal because there is timing differences between when invoices were issued and payments received… After a few months review your AR/AP balances, if one has substantially larger than the other, it could be possible that the customer’s credit level is low (in AR) or supplier’s credit terms are short (in AP), then you know that you need to take some action to ensure your bookkeeping system is working smoothly for this customer or supplier. The double-entry bookkeeping will not only allow us to manage accounts receivable and payable but also provide an important tool for tracking customers’ OR suppliers’ financial health. #AP-1: AcctsReceivable-1 Account AR – Bills Receivable (Customer) Invoice # Date Product Description Amount Paid Status Note 1/1/2013 Keychain $15.00 PAID, 10/31/2013 Invoice 2 was issued on 1/3/, but received only on 1/22;… Read More »William D King: How do you manage accounts receivable and payables?

William D King: Do working night shifts affect your health in the long term?

They say the early bird gets the worm, but it also appears that those who choose to shun late nights and be just a little more conscientious about their health might actually live longer. William D King says working night shifts may cause long-term ill effects on one’s health and could lead to an increased risk of cancer and heart disease. My opinion: If you want to work with me at my company I will let you know if your health would allow it or not. When I hire someone they must pass a physical test which consists of measuring their height, weight, calculating BMI (Body Mass Index), taking their pulse rate, blood pressure, and listening to their heartbeat via stethoscope. After that, we do some simple tests like bending over and touching toes, putting arms above head, etc. If the person would pass these tests it means that his/her health is good enough to work night shifts in general. The company I work for also does blood screens every 2-3 years which test for cholesterol, liver, kidneys, thyroid gland, etc. After someone passes all of this he/she can be sure that their health will not get worse over time when working night shifts. Advantages: 1) Work at night allows me to spend more time with my family during the day 2) No need to… Read More »William D King: Do working night shifts affect your health in the long term?

William D King: Why do public companies file an annual report?

An Annual Report: An Annual Report is a yearly published book that contains all the important information. About the company’s performance in detail says, William D King. It also includes financial statements, auditor’s reports, etc. The information included in an annual report is basically for public companies. So they can tell what is happening to their business and where it is heading towards. All publicly traded corporations whose shares are listed on any U.S Securities Exchange or NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) must file their complete audited accounts with the U.S SEC every year before four months of its closing (closing month). If necessary, companies may send an incomplete version of the report. But it should be within five days after filing with the SEC. Publicly traded companies are those whose shares can be trade freely in the financial markets. It is common among the stock exchanges of the world that any company. That wants to list its shares and raise capital on the public market should file an annual report. With the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It helps investors, analysts, and other stakeholders to assess a company’s performance and future prospects explains William D King. This also helps them know how transparent a company is regarding its business operations and management policies. The audited accounts are prepared according to Generally… Read More »William D King: Why do public companies file an annual report?

William D King: What is meant by product costing within the context of corporate accounting practices? 

Product costing: Product cost and direct material and direct labor cost are all related to the concept of product costing explains William D King. And each may be classified under different categories.  The allocating of indirect costs associated with the production of a particular good or service is called product costing. The purpose behind such allocation of costs is basically to arrive at a price for units sold (cost per unit). In most business organizations, this process of identifying the indirect effects on products helps in ascertaining the overall profitability as well as economic efficiency over a period of time. For example: If a company manufactures both A and B products then it will have to incur some amount on research and development for new technologies that can improve its production methods or quality levels or anything else that would create a competitive edge over the competitors. This R&D cost will be spread across all products manufactured by this company as it would be deemed as an indirect factor that affects them all. Doing so, however, assumes that there is no other way to achieve such a goal, and that makes tracking of these costs easier says, William D King.  In the absence of any better alternative, product costing also gives a good estimate of total manufacturing or service provider’s expenses i.e. indirect costs should… Read More »William D King: What is meant by product costing within the context of corporate accounting practices? 

William D King: What does company culture mean within the larger scope of business management?

At first glance, company culture may seem like a nebulous concept says William D King. But its importance can hardly be denied given that many companies have taken this factor into account when designing their strategy and policy. As quoted by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” So what exactly is company culture and how does it affect the overall business management? Description: Company culture refers to the specific way of life or shared philosophy among employees in an organization explains William D King. It embodies the values present not only at work but also away from the office such as hobbies, style of living and even eating habits. These commonalities develop over time as a result of interaction with fellow workers and exposure to new ideas. Company cultures are also influenced by the founders and leaders of the organization. Over time, company cultures differ depending on the type of industry that is involved. For example, within a retail business, there are different types of company cultures such as those present in grocery stores and fashion boutiques. Some companies may embody a more casual atmosphere compared to others which favor more traditional styles of working. Similarly, company cultures also differ from one part of the world to another. Organizations also consider their geographic locations when developing their company culture especially if… Read More »William D King: What does company culture mean within the larger scope of business management?

William D King: What can accounting professionals contribute to society after their careers?

According to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the C-suite is calling on CPAs for their expertise in a variety of areas. It’s hard to ignore that there is something happening between accounting professionals and business acumen explains William D King. The time has come for accounting professionals to answer that call with confidence, understanding how their skills can help not only their companies but also the communities they serve through volunteerism. This paper summarizes the information found in two articles about what accountants can do after they finish working in their careers. The purpose of this article is to understand why the need exists for the Accounting Skill Transfer Initiative, which is discussed in detail in Part 2 of this paper. This article will discuss how CPAs are changing the C-suite, what this means for corporations and their accounting professionals when it comes to business acumen, and how this can affect a community in regard to volunteerism. Part 1: How Accountant Skills Are Transforming Business Acumen In a recent article published in “Accounting Today,” authors John Ryan and Mike Cohn discuss the changing role of the C-suite in leading many companies to success. They state that while there is no shortage of CEO or chief financial officer (CFO) searches today, finding the right person with not only the skills but also the… Read More »William D King: What can accounting professionals contribute to society after their careers?

William D King: How should I manage my finances as a young business owner?

At the age of 25, I have been running my own business for one year. In this time I have built up a healthy bank balance and now need advice on how to carry on as a young entrepreneur says, William D King. I started work at 16 years old in a local bakery where I stayed for five years before going to study again at college until 21 …  (substandard) Management of finances as a young business owner: Foremost, it is important not to become cluttered with too much cash. This could easily put a young businessman off the deep end and into an early grave if they are not careful. It is important to keep a balance between the amount of wealth is accumulated and regularly used for recreational purposes. For those who have been living under a rock since January 1st, 2010, The Chancellor has halved the 50p tax rate as well as reduced the 45% income tax rate. In addition to this there have been no change incorporation or capital gains taxes – wow! Those that can claim back business expenses will be able to reduce their taxable incomes substantially – again, wow! Now we must consider how these changes may affect our financial planning: As you can see, there has been a substantial reduction in tax per income bracket, however,… Read More »William D King: How should I manage my finances as a young business owner?

William D King: How does one learn how to manage accounts receivables and payables?

Accounts receivable are the money owed to an organization by customers or clients for goods sold or services rendered says, William D King. One has to learn how to manage them well if they want their business to be successful. It is necessary because failure in its management will lead to more debts causing the firm financial problems. A company can avoid this problem by inculcating good accounts receivable management skills among the employees within the organization, delegating responsibilities of accounts receivable under different individuals who are capable of carrying out these tasks efficiently and effectively. Importance of learning accounts payable: The main importance of learning how to manage accounts payable is that it helps companies save more cash that they can utilize elsewhere for business needs such as expansion, renovation, buying new equipment, etc. In case the company fails to learn how to manage accounts payable efficiently because it does not have enough cash or its expenditure level is higher than its income, it will be bankrupt in a short time. Learning from others: By learning from other companies that are more successful and efficient in this area of business management can help one achieve their goal of managing accounts payable properly for their firm. They can provide useful tips on what mistakes to avoid when handling these finances and where they can get… Read More »William D King: How does one learn how to manage accounts receivables and payables?

William D King: How do you manage accounts receivables and payables?

Some people believe that you should pay the debts when they are due. Others say you need to make sure your payment will be used wisely, and if possible, in your favor, before you Lenders usually take a look at the borrower’s capability to repay the loan before granting it. That is because lenders want their money back with extra benefits, of course, explains William D King. It has been established that a lot of people seem to have no idea how financial institutions work from the inside out. In this case, we will try to simplify basic concepts so everyone can understand them easily. For instance: what do banks or other financial institutions do with all our hard-earned money? This article tries to answer exactly that question for all those who have ever wondered about these things. We all want a good life, a roof over our heads, and a comfortable future for our children. One of the most efficient ways to achieve this is by saving money from each paycheck. But where does this money go? We have been often told that banks need it so they can invest it in something else. A depth investigation of the banking system reveals what really happens to our accounts’ balances, who benefits from them and how withdrawing your money helps you on an individual level… Read More »William D King: How do you manage accounts receivables and payables?