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How to Grow a Small Business in 5 Easy Steps as Per William D King

According to William D King, average Americans who run their own businesses fived to make higher incomes than most people working a regular 9-to-5. This is one of the main reasons why the trend of entrepreneurship and self-employment has been at an all-time high in recent years. Due to the easy availability of the internet and the accessibility to many social media platforms, setting up a new business is not a problem at all. However, the real challenge begins when the business starts competing against the market competition for survival and growth. Continue reading to learn how one can grow a small business in five easy and doable steps. Top Five Easy Steps Tips to Grow and Expand Your Small Business as Per William D King The first few years of a new business are said to be the most critical. According to business experts, if a business can survive in the market for the first two-three years, it will most likely continue to grow and expand in the future as well. William D King’s top five easy tips to grow and expand a small business are as follows: 1.     Conduct Sufficient Research One major mistake many new and young entrepreneurs make is setting up a business they know very little about. Eventually, their lack of knowledge and understanding leads to their business shutting down… Read More »How to Grow a Small Business in 5 Easy Steps as Per William D King


Starting a marketing agency is not difficult; all that is required is a bit of effort. In today’s world, marketing is a helpful tool to make any business successful. After all, a business runs when there are customers, and customers are made when they know about the business. The process of marketing takes care of such technicalities. It allows advertising products and services to potential clients to convert them into regular customers. As per William D King, every business needs a marketing agency since quite a few things need to be set up. After all, planning is essential to ensure that your marketing agency is the best one. How to Start a Marketing Agency as per William D King Gain Experience Experience is vital in every field, and the same applies to marketing. Different businesses require different ideas since a single marketing strategy might not work for all types of products. So, it is essential to make sure that you have experience in the industry. One can gain such experience by working with others. Be it internships, mentorships, or even a job. This helps significantly understand how the marketing world works and helps see the different kinds of businesses present in the industry and what each business wants from its marketing team. Before starting your marketing agency, having this knowledge is crucial. For it is… Read More »HOW TO START A MARKETING AGENCY AS PER WILLIAM D KING


Psychology is a school of thought that is involved in every single aspect of life. For many, the domain refers to an individual’s mental health and nothing more. However, according to William D King, psychology includes so much more. One of the sub-fields of this school of thought is Business Psychology. It is safe to say that a business is not dependent on only money. Instead, it requires something much greater: the human mind. Businesses are set up through social interactions. These interactions need to be effective, efficient, and street smart – only then can one expect their startup to grow. The field of business psychology helps increase the welfare of the organization. What is Business Psychology? Business psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with improving business growth by dealing with the planning, executing, and assessing of various techniques. According to William D King, one of the main focuses of this field is to create better connections. After all, a business survives on connections. Be it connecting with people who provide the raw materials or communicating with clients. However, there is one specific group of people targeted in this field: employees. William D King States Business Psychology Helps With Employees Keeping employees happy is very important. The people working under an organization’s name can either make it or break it. So, it is… Read More »WILLIAM D KING EXPLAINS ABOUT BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY


A healthy relationship requires more than a few promises. It requires certain decisions. Decisions that help a couple move their relationship along in a way that satisfies both parties. According to William D King, compromise is a key feature of a happy relationship. When two people come together, their personalities and choices come together too. Both of which can be different, and managing that difference effectively is what we refer to as compromise. For many, the word remains synonymous to sacrifice, but the truth is far from it. What is Compromise? A compromise refers to a mutual agreement between two or more people that settles differences of any nature between them. The main aim is to find a middle ground, as per William D King, and finding that ground does not mean sacrificing one’s own self, needs, and desires. It means holding your own beliefs and values while letting the other person do the same. Through this, both meet in the middle, all while letting each other feel heard and understood. As per William D King, Compromise Is Not One-Sided One person can not do all the heavy lifting. Everyone has their perspectives and needs. With one side giving up their ideas all the time, a balance and sense of being equals can not come about. A compromise involves both parties giving something up to… Read More »WILLIAM D KING EXPLAINS COMPROMISE IN RELATIONSHIPS


Since a long time, across the world, the dominating gender in business has been that of men. With men setting up an entrepreneurial world for their own likes, women stood on the sidelines. Not anymore! According to William D King, the role of women in the world of business is gaining importance more than ever, regardless of any geographical factor. While shattering the glass ceiling, women prove to be effective leaders in the world of business. They are smart learners and organized managers. Along with that, the rising awareness of women’s rights also facilitates their progress. In short, the world is seeing a significant shift in how businesses are handled and by who, and that change proves to be a good one. Women and Education In older times, many reasons came together to suppress women from working, let alone owning a business. If anything, they earned money through gender-specified jobs such as teaching. For the most part, domestic affairs are what women handled. One of the main reasons for such an environment is the lack of education, especially in low-income countries. With this lack of education came a lack of awareness, which kept women from getting the chance to access entrepreneurial opportunities, all because they did not even know such opportunities existed for them in the first place. With advancing times, education became accessible. More… Read More »WILLIAM D KING EXPLAINS THE RISE OF WOMEN IN BUSINESS

William D King : Why Your Start-Up May Fail

Starting a business is very exciting. You are optimistic and imagine about all the ways you can improve and enhance your startup. Yet, the number of failed startups is a lot higher than the ones that find success. But why is it so?                                                                                    This is because starting a business can be a lot harder than you think. There is a low chance that any business is so in sync with the niche it is targeting that it takes off immediately. It can be difficult to point out why a particular startup has failed. There are a million factors that go into making or breaking a business. However, there are some common mistakes that most people make when launching a startup. According to William D King, being aware of these mistakes can prevent you from a potential loss. 1.Poor Market Research The most important thing you need to keep your business afloat is customers. If there’s insufficient demand for the product or service that you offer, there are low chances that your business will take off. This is where market research comes in. Most failed startups are a result of poor market research. It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about the product. If there aren’t enough consumers, you will struggle to keep your business afloat, no matter how great the quality of your product… Read More »William D King : Why Your Start-Up May Fail

William D King: 3 Ways to Maximize the ROI through Intentional Networking

How to increase ROI is a subject that is on the mind of every entrepreneur and business person. Learning how to maximize ROI leads to more profitability and efficiency in your business.Before we go in-depth about the ways stated by William D King to maximize ROI with intentional networking, we will learn what intentional networking is. What is intentional networking? In accordance to William D King, Intentional networking is socializing or connecting with people with some purpose. It allows you to gain information about them and adds to your database. It also helps in forming mutually beneficial relationships for your business. Hozdovic’s antidote helps with deliberate networking and spreading the time thinly. Learn to maximize ROI with Intentional Marketing by doing the following things: Get Your Level Up It would help if you leveled up your social circle. Some people will entice you to quit, scare you from succeeding, or persuade you to fall into your old bad habits. Hang out around people who bring out the best version instead of bringing you down says William D King. If you are an entrepreneur trying to scale up, you will always have friends telling you that you are wasting your money; there will be family members who will be forcing you to get a “real job.” Identify the people who make you relapse, then avoid them… Read More »William D King: 3 Ways to Maximize the ROI through Intentional Networking

William D King : How to Become a Magazine Contributor

William D King says that the key to becoming a magazine contributor is persistence. Well, it’s not as simple as that, but at least, it’s a start. There’s a lot of schmoozing involved, and it all begins with the editor. While browsing online or scrolling on your social media, you will come across plenty of magazine post ads looking for regular freelance contributors. In order to apply, you need to come up with a creative idea that will wow the editor. Your resume is not one of those standard documents listing your accomplishments and your education information. It lists down what type of content you are an expert in. It also includes stories that allow the editor to judge you based on your grammar, vocabulary, writing tone and style. Your writing should demonstrate that you are capable of addressing the needs of the audience and that too consistently with quality work. Here are some tips on how to secure a spot in a magazine as a contributor: Start Small This isn’t a go big or go home kind of situation. Getting a permanent job as a magazine contributor can be time-consuming and very hectic if you run your own blog too. So, we suggest that you start small by approaching local magazines and sharing your work with them. Many magazines welcome new writers with open… Read More »William D King : How to Become a Magazine Contributor

William D King: How Green Practices Make Your Business Stand Out in the Crowd

With pandemic changing over much of our lifestyle choices, industries across the globe are shifting towards sustainable and eco-friendly approaches in their business. According to William D King Green Marketing Practices have turned out to be a great initiative that will help conserve the environment, natural resources and build trust in the customer that the industries prioritize Mother Nature’s well-being, consequently winning them as loyal customers! If you want to adopt Greener Practices in your Business that will make it stand out, read through to find out how? 1. Set an Impactful Ambition for Green Business Marketing Come up with an authentic vision of your company to safeguard the Environment from the catastrophic impact of waste products and misuse of natural resources. It can be crucial, as there’s a narrow margin to become a Business Statement rather than becoming the Protector of Nature.   To demonstrate your true intentions for the well-being of the Environment, reevaluate your organization as an ecological and social obligation and show clients that you care about our planet. 2. Make Sustainability Your Business Identity Making your business logo GREEN doesn’t help here! For a credible eco-friendly business identity, the foundation of your marketing strategies should be laid upon the well-being of the Environment. For instance, eliminate the use of plastics and non-biodegradable items in your Business. Or Revamp your product packaging… Read More »William D King: How Green Practices Make Your Business Stand Out in the Crowd

William D King- The Proposed Tax Changes by Biden – William D King Discusses About the Implications

The investors are slightly concerned about President Biden’s plans about the additional tax revenue says William D King. According to experts, such concerns usually focus mostly on a few aspects of the proposal by the president. In this article, we will take a look at these aspects and delve into the possible implications that are applicable for the investors. President Biden has proposed removing the step-up provision that was present for a century that enables a reset of gains at the death of every owner, enabling the aversion of every tax on the gains for any unsold property. It will be difficult to sell to Congress. The Step-Up in basis – Insights by William D King Removing the rule of step-up is a challenging political battle. However, here the practical situations might be crucial instead of political ones. And by proving what got paid decades back for the property of which there might zero records for the IRS or the inheritors, can result in fabrication or speculation about the historical data that neither the recipient nor the IRS can bolster. Also, the IRS will be vulnerable in moving in favor of the investors that might be forced to fabricate historical data, which is immune to the repudiation from the IRS. It’s always best not to walk that path. Capital Gains The other proposal by President… Read More »William D King- The Proposed Tax Changes by Biden – William D King Discusses About the Implications