William D King

William D King

CEO of ABA Advisors

William D King is the CEO & owner of ABA Advisors, a public accounting farm, William is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant. In 1987, William established Doctors Management LLC – principally serving clinical practices cross country as bookkeepers and business counselors. In 2011, he extended his administration base to incorporate Dentists, Veterinarians, and Small Business proprietors – and his organization was re-designed as Accountants and Business Advisors, LLC (ABA). Bill has begun, and presently works, a few independent companies wherein he has possession.

William D King

Founder and President of ABA Advisors and a Certified Public Accountant

William D King established The William D King Grant program ,which is a charitable initiative by the experienced financial planner and public accountant to come to the assistance of the poor US students, who do not have the money to chase higher education in the country. Also, That is the reason why William has declared the grant amount of $1,000 to helps these students pay their college or university tuition fees. The prize amount will go to the best candidate, who writes the best essay with clarity and uniqueness.

William D King finished his bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida back in 1981. Next, he soon became a Certified Public Accountant, and even a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant owing to his determination, skills, and dedication to achieve professional success in life.


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